# Name Short description Dev. years Web
1 VBPMN framework for verifying BPMN processes 2015-now link
2 STABC tool for analyzing asynchronously communicating automata 2014-now link
3 VerChor framework for verifying choreographies 2011-2014 link
4 pic2lnt translator from the pi-calculus to LNT 2010-2013 link
5 ITACA Integrated Toolbox for Automatic Composition and Adaptation 2007-2009 link
6 cd2lotos realizability of collaboration diagrams by encoding into LOTOS 2008
7 (D)Compositor centralised and distributed adaptation via process algebra encodings
integrated to ITACA
8 Clint composition language interpreter 2007 link
9 Adaptor model-based software adaptation 2006-2007 link
10 fsp2lotos translator from FSP to LOTOS
integrated to CADP
2005-2006 link
11 chp2lotos translator from CHP to LOTOS 2004-2006
12 xCLAP edition and animation of extended state diagrams 1999-2003
13 ISA tool for integrated specifications animation 2002
14 CLAP class library for automata in Python 1999