MMI, IUT1, Université Grenoble Alpes

  • Algorithmics and Web development
    L1 (1st and 2nd year of university)

  • Object-oriented programmming in Java
    L3 (3rd year of university)

  • Algorithmics
    L3 (3rd year of university)

  • iOS programming
    L3 (3rd year of university)

  • Entreprise internship supervision
    L2 and L3 (2nd and 3rd year of university)

  • Headmaster of the SMIN prof. licence
    L3 (3rd year of university)


  • Modeling and analysis of concurrent systems
    M2 (5th year of university)

  • Process engineering
    M2 (5th year of university)


Univ. of Nantes (1999-2003), Univ. of Malaga (2007-2009),
Ensimag (2009-2016)

  • Algorithmics (Data structures, graph traversals,
    dynamic programming, branch and bound

  • Programming (Functional, imperative, OO,
    event-driven, networks

  • Language theory (Regular expressions, finite state
    automata, grammars

  • Software engineering (UML, Merise, communicating
    automata, Jackson System Development, Data Flow Diagrams

  • Formal methods (Algebraic specifications, concurrency
    theory, timed automata, temporal logic

  • Supervision (MIAGE enterprise intership, enterprise
    intership, research internship